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ISNO new partner: Joymo!

International Sport Network Organization is happy to announce our new partnership with Joymo!

Joymo is a movement created to level the playing field, and level up all sport.

Joymo is a new platform for every athlete, team and sport, at every level, to broadcast their valuable content to passionate fans across the globe.

Through innovative tech and joyful simplicity, Joymo enables you to livestream sport directly to fans, athletes, coaches, referees and scouts.

Joymo has been created to enable rights holders, governing bodies, leagues and events to quickly, effectively and in a safe and GDPR compliant way, deliver live and video on demand content direct to fans, athletes and officials.

Joymo can help your team to unlock the commercial value of the its content, manage content in a safe and secure way and take your club to new digital heights.

This is a huge step for the ISNO movements.

Joymo will be the main partner in the Osservatorio dello sport e del terzo settore, the Italian platform of ISNO, and ISO.

It is an amazing step for the members of ISNO that can broadcast using the ISNO channel in order to advertise, monetize and broadcast their events and courses.

Joymo will help ISNO members to create events and sell tickets to your fans.

Joymo supports ISNO and the members and together we are a community.

To unlock and monetize your content you can sell:

  • Single event tickets (Pay Per View)

  • Weekend/Tournament Passes

  • Season passes

Joymo handles the payment and customer service. After variable costs have been deducted, Joymo pays your revenue into your bank account, promptly on a quarterly basis.

With Joymo you can sell advertising opportunities during your livestreams to sponsors, and most importantly you keep all of the revenue from these sponsorships.

Gain direct access to your fan base and engage with them before, during, or after an event.

Email fans relevant content such as a video from an athlete inviting them to the next event or an announcement about a sponsored giveaway.

Encourage fans to spread the word about upcoming events.

Joymo’s business model operates on a profit sharing agreement with our customers.

Download PDF • 3.67MB

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