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Surf Riders Foundation Europe Teams Up with ISO and ISNO

Surfrider Foundation Europe (SFE) is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with International Sport Network Organization (ISNO) and International Sport Organization (ISO).

ISNO is a not-for-profit Swiss based organization dedicated to supporting its members with sport projects, multisport events and sport management consultation. Also a not-for-profit based in Switzerland, ISO is an organization that specializes in sport education, bionatural and physical disciplines as well as coaching certification and training.

The newly formed partnership promises to drive awareness of the priorities and initiatives that each organization is committed to improving and developing for their respective members and networks, as well as for the betterment of the overall global sport community.

"We are genuinely happy and motivated in joining the ISO and ISNO as it will allow us to work alongside a recognized consortium of actors in the field of Sport and Sustainability” declares Yann Leymarie, Head of Sports for Surfrider Europe.

“SFE is one of the major organization relating the sustainability and the awareness of the sustainability in sports. Thanks to them, we are sure that our network will grant a high increase in term of sustainability and opportunity to growth. We definitely believe that this partnership is a milestone for our organization” says Anita Pariani, president of ISNO.

“Sustainability is one of the number one priority for us, and SFE is the best partner that we can have on this topic” says Marco Tomasini, general secretary of ISO.“ we strongly believe that cross events and studies are the number one priority for us and this partnership will allow us to provide the better opportunity for all our stakeholders.”

Driven by the common values shared by each organization, SFE, ISNO and ISO are committed to working together to develop sport for all, ensuring wellness and physical activity is accessible to all individuals and communities globally, across all levels of play.

A group of surfers who wanted to preserve their playground created Surfrider Europe in 1990. Grass-roots activism to protect our oceans and coasts is at the core of the organisation. Surfrider Foundation Europe is a non-profit organisation whose purpose is to protect and showcase the importance of lakes, rivers, the ocean, waves, and coastlines. It currently has over 15,000 members and is active across 12 countries through its volunteer-run branches.

For almost 30 years, Surfrider Foundation Europe has been taking action as a recognized authority in three areas of expertise: marine litter, water quality and public health, coastal management and climate change. Volunteers engaging in local field activism are the driving force of Surfrider. Whether they are running local volunteer branches or taking part in the environmental campaigns of the organisation, they are Surfrider’s strongest presence in the field and they implement our various programmes locally: awareness and education, events, and rallying.

At this time, over 2,000 volunteers are taking action every day in 49 local branches in 12 European countries. Join us in our fight to protect the oceans and coasts of today and tomorrow. Help us to drastically reduce plastic waste, move away from fossil fuels, fight against climate change and its impacts, and fight marine pollution and the damage being done to oceans, beaches and waves. Surfrider Europe acts on a daily basis to fight against damage to the coastal environment and its users.

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